Camping Information

In emergency situations

First Aid

First-aid materials are available at reception.

Fire tools

Learn how to find the fire extinguishers are located behind the front desk, in assembly halls and outside the men’s room in the middle of the campsite.

If a fire starts:

  1. Call the fire department telephone number 112
  2. Then call 0534-101 44 and inform the camp’s staff.

Important Phone Ed’s area code is: 0534

SOS: 112

Police: 114 14

Pharmacy: 0771-405 405
Public Dental Service: 010-441 93 90
The health center in Ed: 010-441 63 60

Hospitals in Bäckefors: 010-441 00 00 (daytime)
Hospitals in Bäckefors: 010-441 67 50 (on call)


Opening hours for the reception and shop:
June 13 to August 13, 8-21. During the off-season,
rest of the year, the opening hours are Saturday-Sunday 10-12.
The barrier is closed 23-07. Pedestrian area is during this time.

Supervision & cleaning

During opening hours to meet the camp’s staff safest in the reception. Other times, there are on-call staff, who are available around the clock by phone 0534-101 44

Shower and washing machine

To take a shower requires a two pence coin. When you stopped it in the coin machine is hot water for about 4 minutes. The laundry room booked at the reception.


Help us to contribute to a cleaner environment by sorting rubbish. The campsite has two recycling centers, one at the front desk on the other side Southern moraine road and a service building at the center of the campsite. Batteries left in the container at the front desk.