Camping map

  1. Reception, kiosk, groceries & telephone.
  2. Shower, toilet & latrine emptying.
  3. Kitchen.
  4. Cottages for rent.
  5. Rental boats.
  6. Laundry room.
  7. Handicap toilet.
  8. Meeting and TV room.
  9. Skötrum.
  10. Greywater emptying motorhomes.
  11. Recycling station.
  12. Restaurant “Lilla Lee”.

Easter – Reception opening-hours 🐣

Maundy Thursday        17:00-19:00 Good Friday                 13:00-15:00 Easter Eve, Saturday   10:00-12:00 Easter Sunday             10:00-12:00 Easter Monday             10:00-12:00   🐣 Happy Easter! 🐣

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Sauna closed February

We´ll keep our sauna preliminary closed during february. We wish that the rest of the winter season will be enjoyable out on ices and snow!

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Reception closed 9-10 January

Our reception will be closed the 9-10 January. The next upcoming weekends our Opening hours Reception will be open as usual; Saturday and Sunday 10:00-12:00. We wish you all the best and take care!

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